January 17, 2019

Goodbye Upfront Term Payments, hello affordable fortnightly direct debit payments! We are very excited about the changes to our swimming lessons which means you can now access the swimming program all year round!

We will no longer run a term based program but will instead have lessons 50 weeks of the year with a break for Christmas/NY, Easter and Public Holidays. This means you can now enrol and cancel as you please.

Included in this change will be the implementation of the parent portal which will allow you to book a make up lesson for a class you can’t attend. Please click here for more information about our make up policy.

What is the parent portal?

The parent portal is an online portal which allows you to manage your class payments

  • Mark yourself absent and book make ups
  • Access swim school resources
  • Update Payment Details
  • Check class progress
  • Pay Outstanding Fees
  • Book additional Lessons

More information about the parent portal will be sent at the end of January. To find out more about our swimming program please visit www.bluefitswimming.com.au



December 7, 2018

Want to build your child’s confidence in the water? Kickstart their swimming progress in 2019 with our Holiday Intensives and Stroke Clinics.

Swimming is an important life skill and we urge all parents to ensure their children a swim safe this Summer. Our Holiday Intensives have been designed to significantly improve your child’s swim skills over a short period, with students taking part in lessons every day over a period of 5 days.

It is this successive repetition that makes it the ideal program to boost your child’s skills and water confidence.

Week 1: Monday 7th – Friday 11th January

Week 2: Monday 14th – Friday 18th January

Week 3: Monday 21st – Friday 25th January

Please email coffsharbour@bluefitswimming.com.au to book your spot.


December 7, 2018

Want access to the pool 7 days a week?

Bookings for our 2019 swim school program have now opened!

As part of the many benefits fo the BlueFit Swimming program, students enrolled in the program get free access to the pool 7 days a week, with a full paying adult.

We’ve made improvements to our program to ensure that students learn in a structured and fun environment! Get in early and secure your place in the program.

For more information about our swimming program email coffsharbour@bluefitswimming.com.au or call 1300 252 583


December 4, 2018

It’s school carnival season and we are looking forward to seeing the boisterous display of school spirit echoing through our facility

When these events are on you will notice the facility may become quite busy and loud during school hours.

We suggest checking our website for upcoming carnival dates and as always we recommend checking out Lane Availability regularly

For parents and family wanting to attend carnivals at the centre, there is a small spectator fee that applies.

Coffs Harbour Carnivals   2018/19

Bonville Public School Friday 1st February 2019 9:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m & gym
Boambee Public School Monday 4th February 2019 9:00 – approx. 2:00pm 50m
Toormina Public School Tuesday 5th February 2019 9:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m
Coffs Harbour Christian Community Junior School Wednesday 6th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m
Coffs Harbour High School Thursday 7th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 3:00pm 50m
Narranga Public School Friday 8th February 2019 9:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m & gym
Bishop Druitt College (high) Monday 11th February 2019 7:30am – approx. 3:00pm 50m/gym/25m
Bishop Druitt College (primary) Tuesday 12th February 2019 7:30am – approx. 3:00pm 50m/gym/25m
Coffs Harbour Christian Community Secondary School Wednesday 13th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m/gym
Saint John Paul College Thursday 14th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m/gym
Orara High School Friday 15th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:45pm 50m/gym
Clarence Zone Regional Carnival Monday 18th February 2019 9:00am – approx. 2:00pm 50m/gym
Toormina District PSSA Tuesday 19th February 2019 8:45am – approx. 2:00pm 50m/gym
Kororo Public School Wednesday 20th February 2019 9:40am – approx. 2:40pm 50m/gym
Tyalla Public School Thursday 21st February 2019 8:30am – approx. 3:00pm 50m/gym
Coffs Harbour Public School Friday 22nd February 2019 9:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m
Coffs Harbour PSSA Monday 25th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m/Gym
Tuesday 2019 9:30am – approx. 2:30pm
MNC JNR Wednesday 27th February 2019 8:15am – approx. 2:00pm 50m
MNC High Thursday 28th February 2019 8:30am – approx. 2:30pm 50m
St. Augustines Primary School Friday 1st March 2019 8:00am- approx. 3:00pm 50m



July 1, 2018

We are very excited to introduce the new BlueFit Swimming program to the Moss Vale community. Students are all booked in to their normal class time and they will attend their first BlueFit lesson greeted by their regular instructor. The BlueFit Swimming program consists of structured levels that progressively build swimming skills and water confidence. It is important to acknowledge that current students may have not yet learned some of the skills that are in their BlueFit Swimming lessons. During the transition we greatly appreciate your understanding that it may take time to teach these new skills.


June 4, 2018

Here are eight reasons to keep on swimming in Winter! Article by Royal Life SOURCE OF FITNESS Whether you’re swimming for recreation or competition, swimming gives you a great work out. It keeps your heart rate up, builds cardio fitness, burns calories, and develops endurance.