Woolgoolga Learn To Swim Pool Closure

November 14, 2019

This term, a decision was made to close the Woolgoolga Learn To Swim pool. The pool had served the facilities babies and pre-school swimming program for many years, but the ageing pool had grown old and worn which was highlighted with a recent workplace health and safety inspection.

The small in-ground pool which was only added as a short term solution to hold swimming lessons had slowly been deteriorating in recent years with council attempting to fix the areas in early 2018. The pools supporting beams and pool lining was becoming corroded and splitting, and even the pool edging was starting to break off, as the supports underneath were also becoming corroded.

The pool housing also required extensive work to be seen as suitable for public, and the filtration system was starting to fail. The babies and preschool aged classes are now being taught in the heated 25m pool which parents are loving, the water temperature is now a cosy 30ºc and parents get to soak up the sun with their young ones.

It was a shame to see the closure of the Learn To Swim pool but steps had to be made to ensure the safety of all staff and all users.